Gulp, is that an ULP?

Helen: I am insatiably curious with a wonderlust for exploration – okay, so it’s got me into a few scrapes and interesting positions, but on the whole it has led to personal growth and a few tales of adventure to regale and amuse people with over dinner.

What I have noticed though is that I am often counselled to; stay put, experience a bit more ‘lingerlust’ perhaps…. be content with the way things are, be less disruptive and ‘settle down’ to an easy life, and don’t leap you may fail. I recognise that some of this counsel is external from well meaning people who don’t want to see me get hurt or a perhaps a little tired of all of my ‘adventures’ but I have come to recognise that the ones that are most damaging to my progress are the ULP’s.

Gay Hendricks in his book ‘The Big Leap’ introduces us to the concept of the ‘Upper Limit Problem’ or ULP and after much consideration, I’d like to offer a ‘P’ swap from Problem to Perception, because to my mind, it’s all about how we perceive things and that many things that are seen as problems are also opportunities; opportunities to grow, change, improve, unleash and transform.

Now watch this very short video demonstrating training fleas to jump.

This is a perfect example of a man-made ULP in action; one that jumps (no pun intended) the species divide and has lasting generational limits for the flea community. Humans really can limit our own growth and the limit of others.

Are your thoughts your ULP’s?

Blimey! so what can we do about it? How can we prevent any perceived lid that either others or we place on our own limits being our future reality? How can we as individuals, teams or organisations recognise our very own ULP’s and identify them as the artificial limiters to a life fulfilled that they are; limiters that are barriers erected to keep us safe and limit our failures and hurt, physical, financial, emotional or ego related. When we ULP though, we miss the opportunity to change things for the better; we miss the opportunity to test our real capabilities and step into our very own genius space.

At we see ULP’s as being cULPable in holding back so much progress and desirable transformation and offer the following as steps forward to scULPt the future you choose:

S= Spot it by making a conscious effort to notice.

C= Conspirator. Find a trusted someone and others who will conspire with you and be your critical friend – someone who will nudge you when you are ULP’ing

U= Unleash your true potential.

L= Listen to the language you use and what your body is telling you when you ‘ULP’.

P = Positive action to move forward

T= Test yourself by reframing your ULP.

And remember………………

We’d love to hear your thoughts of where you ULP and if you do break through, how you achieve that?

For those of you who, like me, experience the internal wonderlust drive not just to change things for change sake but have an underlying purpose towards the growth of humankind possibility, you may like to read the blogpost from Garret LoPorto -P.S. it clearly explains why I have hairy toes πŸ˜‰

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  1. Helen, as always this is an amazing read of inspiration and thought provoking words of wisdom. Love it πŸ™ŒπŸ˜


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