What is it about change that is so difficult? There are a plethora of authors who profess to have THE answer, yet the successful management of change continues to blight organisations, communities and individuals alike.

The question we would like to explore here is: “How can you unlock and sustain positive change today?” We will share our experiences and insights and encourage comment, sharing, learning and playfulness from you – after all creativity and innovation frequently occurs when the imagination is unleashed and allowed to play.

Helen Davies-Cox and Chris Edworthy are ‘Architects of Extraordinary Change’ , having over 60 years of experience in the NHS between them, leading and engaging in change projects throughout their careers.

email: changeunlockedtoday@gmail.com

What People Say

“A wealth of experience, peppered with the skill to educate with compassion enthusiasm….. and fun”

Jane Sangoor – NHS Divisional General Manager

Change, make it so!

Captain Kirk

Helen Davies-Cox is an inspiring example of how, to make meaningful change, a person needs tenacity, a sense of vocation – real grit – and an understanding that we achieve more together than we do alone. She has an unwavering dedication to moving our healthcare system towards more personalised, higher quality care.

Kathryn Perera
Horizons Team – part of 
NHS England and 
NHS Improvement

Let’s build something together.

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